IMG_7179_edited_smallAnother damn food blog… Does the world really need another one? Yes and no. I’ve been cooking for the last 10 years, in the comfort of my home, getting my kicks cooking up a storm for friends and family. Now that I’ve left a product management career of 20+ years to go back to school and study Culinary Arts, I am going to need an outlet to share my recipes and experiences.

So… I started by cheating.

I’ve imported a lot of recipes from the personal blog that I’ve keeping for a few years. It is a start and I will attempt to take my cooking ability and sophistication to new levels as I go through the Culinary Arts program.

I am also an aspiring photographer so if you see images that look less than appealing, chalk it up to my early photography work. The more I take food pictures, the better I feel like I am getting.

So, stick around. Search for recipes, by ingredient or simply get inspired by course. Even if you are not a cook, stay for the decent food pictures.




Ton, September 15, 2014




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